Meet Your RA

Kaleb Becker
Major: Criminal Justice
Class of: 2016
Hometown: Honesdale, PA
Assigned Residence Hall: 210 College Avenue C

Favorite flavor ice cream:

Why did you choose your major?
I am very interested in the all the fields I can go to with this major.

Why did you decide on Keystone College?
It’s a small college.

What do you like most about Keystone?
Where it is located.

Favorite member of the Keystone Family:
Marie Andreoli

My favorite class:

Give one thing you were surprised to discover at Keystone College:
How willing the professors are to work with you outside of class.

Advice for future students:
Never be afraid to ask questions.

In my spare time:
I like to watch The Lion King and read.

Future Goals/Plans:
Become a State Trooper and Math professor.

How do you feel KC has, or will, help you in attaining these goals?
By all the opportunities they offer me to increase my skills for these goals.

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