Residential Communities

students at admissions office

First Year Experience
The FYE encourages students to begin developing their identities by exploring personal values, identifying personal strengths and areas for improvement, and making safe and socially responsible decisions.  This program also focuses on effective community engagement by supporting students as they develop a sense of belonging and as they come to understand how their actions affect the world around them.

Sophomore Year Experience
The SYE aims to find a person to whom each student can look for guidance. Often students simply need a guide to help them over the bumps in the road. We plan to identify faculty members, administrators, staff, or upperclassmen who are willing and eager to motivate, inspire, and prepare sophomore students for successful futures.

Independent Living
The Independent Living configuration is intended to help meet the ever changing needs of students and to give them a greater sense of personal freedom. The independent living style will help promote an environment that fosters independence, responsibility, and unity while still experiencing the benefits of living on campus and preparing for life after college.