Off-Campus Housing

You’ve thought about it, talked it over with your parents and friends and now you’d like to take the next big step…off-campus living.

Off Campus Housing Listing Disclaimer

Keystone College provides students interested in locating off-campus housing opportunities with a list of local landlords and properties for rent. The College has performed no inspection or investigation of the properties, or the landlords, set forth in the list. Accordingly, the College does not endorse or approve, and makes no representations or warranties whatsoever regarding, the properties and landlords identified in this list. Further, Keystone College disclaims any and all responsibility, for any obligation or duty inherent in, or arising from, the landlord-tenant relationship. Accordingly, any student who decides to live off-campus is responsible for: inspecting the property prior to entering into a lease (whether written or verbal); negotiating and complying with the terms of any lease; obtaining the return of any security deposit; maintaining an appropriate relationship with his or her landlord(s); ensuring compliance with any applicable local zoning ordinances; and all other tenant obligations, responsibilities, and duties inherent in, or arising from, the landlord-tenant relationship.