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Sarah Langan

Major: Wildlife Biology
Graduation Year: 2015

"Future Veterinarian Loves the Outdoors"

There’s no doubt about it. Keystone College junior Sarah Langan is a person with a variety of talents and interests. The fact that she majors in wildlife biology and minors in chemistry and art says something about her intelligence and her ability to excel in several academic disciplines. 

But when you ask this Dean’s List student what she really wants to do with the rest of her life, she answers without hesitation. 

“I love the outdoors and I love animals and I’m very concerned about their welfare. I think it’s so unfair the way animals are sometimes treated by humans. That's why I plan to become a veterinarian and work at a zoo or a wildlife refuge. I want spend my life helping animals and keeping them well.” 

Sarah Langan with hummingbird.

When she’s not in class, you might find the Factoryville, Pa. resident pursuing another main interest – wildlife photography.

“Photography is definitely my favorite art form and when I’m outside photographing animals it obviously makes the experience even more satisfying for me.”

Sarah is looking forward to graduating in 2015 and heading off to veterinary school. But for now, she’s enjoying life at Keystone. She also enjoyed a great summer conducting environmental research at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, N.Y. as a participant in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Student Undergraduate Laboratory Internship Program.

“Keystone has a really good wildlife biology program. I can apply what I learn in the classroom to what I experience outdoors. That makes learning new things really interesting. Plus, I know my education is very practical and will help me long after I graduate.”

Sarah says Keystone’s dedicated faculty make going to class especially enjoyable.    

“I have a really good relationship with my professors. You can just stop by and talk to them and they always take an interest in what you have to say.”

When she’s not in class learning about wildlife, or taking photos of wildlife, Sarah can often be found working on a project with the Ecology Club or Society of Science. If she’s not doing that, you might even see her on stage performing with the Keystone Players theater group.

“I like to stay busy and there are a lot of things to do at Keystone to make life really interesting.” 


Photo Caption: Sarah traveled with 10 other students on the Hummingbird Expedition to Belize during Spring Break 2013.

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