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Appeals of Violations Notices/Parking Privileges

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  • Appeals of Violations Notices/Parking Privileges

File an Appeal for a Parking Violation

On Campus
If you are logged on to a College computer using your Network ID, the Violations Appeals Tracker link will take you directly into the appeals system.

Off Campus
If you are off-campus or using your personal system, you will be prompted for your Keystone College Network ID and password. These are the same credentials you use to log on to College machines or to your College E-Mail account, however, do not add to the ID when logging in to the Violations Appeals Tracker database.

About Appeals of Violations


  1. Most violation notices may be appealed to a special Traffic Appeals Committee (see section IV.2 of this policy for offenses which cannot be appealed).
  2. The Traffic Appeals Committee meets once a month and will reply via e-mail to all appeals within one week of the meeting.
  3. Appeal forms are available online only.
  4. Appeal forms must be submitted online within 10 (ten) calendar days of the date of the violation.
  5. Anyone whose parking privileges have been suspended may appeal the suspension to the Traffic Appeals Committee.
  6. The possession of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space in any particular location.
  7. Ignorance of College policies is not a valid basis for appeal.
  8. Decisions made by the Traffic Appeals Committee are final.

Unsupported Appeals

  1. Have permit but was negligent in placing it on the vehicle.
  2. Left car with flashers on in an unauthorized space or lot.
  3. Was not aware of the respective parking areas.
  4. Unable to buy parking permit, cannot get to office until after they close.
  5. There is not enough parking for students.
  6. Permit was on, officer did not see it.
  7. Unaware that I was not allowed to park in that space or lot.
  8. Snow was covering lines.
  9. Did not know that Guest/Visitors needed temporary permits.
  10. Did not remember to get up the next morning and move car.
  11. Not parked for more than 15 min, but was issued a ticket.
  12. Unable to get permit, was waiting for registration.
  13. Couldn't find any parking and did not want to be late for class.
  14. No time to pick up permit.
  15. No clear sign stating "No Parking".
  16. Other cars park there without getting a ticket.
  17. I am a first year student and I'm waiting for approval to park on campus.
  18. Parents or friend was visiting.
  19. Using different car and forgot to get permit for other car.

Special Parking

Arrangements for all special, temporary and/or visitor parking permits are coordinated though the Department of Campus Safety.  Issuance of a permit does not guarantee a parking space.  Lack of space in a particular location is not considered a valid excuse for violating regulations.


Handicapped Parking/Temporary Mobility Impairments

  1. Permanent Mobility Impairments: Individuals with permanent mobility impairments must have an official handicapped license plate or placard on their vehicle issued by the state the vehicle is registered in to park in any of the designated handicapped spaces on campus.  In addition, students and employees must also possess valid campus parking permits. 
  2. Temporary Mobility Impairments: Parking arrangements are available to individuals with documented temporary mobility impairments.  Requests for a temporary handicapped parking permit must be accompanied by documentation from a physician and submitted to the Director of Campus Safety to be reviewed in conjunction with the Director of Health Services.  

Disabled Vehicles

All disabled vehicles are to be reported to the Department of Campus Safety in order to avoid a violation.  A specific period of time will be granted for the removal of a disabled vehicle, but must be coordinated with the Department of Campus Safety.

Overnight Parking

Parking on campus between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 5:00 am is prohibited (including commuters), except for resident students in designated resident student parking lots.  Permission will be granted for disabled vehicles, vehicles belonging to people participating in college sponsored trips, and visitors.  In all cases, the owner/operator must contact the Department of Campus Safety.  Vehicles parked overnight without prior approval may be booted and/or towed. 


  1. Motorists are advised that all Pennsylvania laws and regulations pertaining to the use of motor vehicles apply to all drivers and vehicles on the campus of Keystone  College.
  2. The College is not responsible for the safety of vehicles or their contents.
  3. Keystone College Motor Vehicle Regulations are in effect at all times.

Date revised: 8/26/2013