Keystone College Policies

Residence Hall Check In/Out Policy

Check-in Procedure

After you have paid your housing deposit, you will receive a housing contract. After your housing contract is returned to the Office of Residence Life, students are to log onto My KC to check their housing information. My KC will contain the information regarding your room assignment and roommate information.

Check-in and check-out dates and times are listed on the Keystone College website under the “Living at Keystone” section. Check- in events are held in a specific place and at specific times. All requirements and clearance for check- in must be completed prior to arrival. Upon checking into your room, you will be required to complete a room condition form that verifies the condition of the room upon occupancy.

Winter Break Check Out Procedure
The residence halls will close at the end of the fall semester for winter break. Prior to leaving for winter break, students must return their keys to the Office of Residence Life.

If the student is returning for the spring semester:

  • Clean room and unplug all electronics. Make sure the trash is taken out. Clean out refrigerator and make sure it is defrosted prior to departure.
  • Return all keys to a member of the Residence Life Staff. If keys are not returned, the student may be fined or sanctioned for non-compliance.

If the student is not returning for the spring semester:

  • See the Student Success Center, prior to leaving to officially withdrawal from the College.
  • Schedule a meeting with your Resident Director for an exit interview.
  • Follow the End of Year Check-out procedure below.

End of the Year Check-out Procedures
A resident student leaving the college at the end of the academic year, or leaving permanently during the year, must complete the following tasks:

  • Remove all personal items and clean the room. If the room is vacated and there is an excessive mess, the student(s) may be billed for excessive cleaning charge.
  • Have the room inspected by a member of the Residence Life Staff and complete and sign the room inventory form and key information form. It is extremely important that the student take great care in completing the room inventory form because he/she will be billed for any damage to the room. Damage will be determined by examining the difference between the room inventory form at
    check-in and checkout. The student will be charged for improper checkout. ALL ROOMS SHOULD BE RETURNED TO THE SAME CONDITION AS THEY WERE UPON MOVE-IN!
  • Return all keys to a member of the Residence Life Staff. If keys are not returned, the student will be charged for a core change.
  • If furniture is left in the room and must be removed by Keystone College staff (or removed and must be replaced), there will be an additional charge.
  • All personal belongings left in the room or the residence hall will, after two weeks from departure, become the property of the college and will disposed of.
  • Satisfy all financial obligations at Student Business Services.

Early Move-in Policy


Contact Information

Office of Residence Life
Phone: (570) 945-8271