Keystone College Policies

Additional Housing Policies

Room Selection

Residence Life conducts a room selection event to allow current residents the opportunity to select a room for the next academic year. Students will have the option to reserve their current room, switch rooms/halls or reserve a room in one of the campus communities. Residents will receive notice of the housing selection process, important dates, and requirements during the spring semester. Please note that in order to participate in the room selection process, students must pay a deposit prior to the room selection event they will be attending and must have a roommate unless selecting a single. Single room availability will depend on supply and demand and will be offered on a first-come first-served basis.

Once a student has paid the housing deposit and been cleared of any financial and academic holds, they will receive a housing contract. After the housing contract is signed and a room is selected, it is the responsibility of the student to check My KC for their official residence hall and room placement. Any student in need housing should contact the Office of Residence Life in Sickler Hall. Housing is available on a first come, first serve basis dependent upon availability in the residence halls.

Room Consolidations

Consolidations may occur at any time in the semester when space is needed. Every attempt will be made to assure that students paying double room rates have a room mate. As stated in the Housing Contract:

The College reserves the right to reassign or remove any student from a particular resident hall or a specific room due to the need to consolidate residence hall space”

If space permits, students may elect to pay single room fees. Consolidation will occur as follows:

  • A student without a roommate will be notified by the Resident Director of their respective building. The student must identify a roommate, be assigned a new roommate by their Resident Director or be required to move to a room of another single student.
  • There will be two opportunities for individuals alone in double occupancies to meet with other individuals with the same status. Additionally, listings of the residents who are being consolidated will be made available in each building for review by a student in need of a roommate.
  • After a specified time period, a student who has not voluntarily attained a roommate will be assigned a roommate by their Resident Director or be required to move from his/her room into another room. Moves will generally occur only within the building to which a student is assigned, unless the circumstances dictate otherwise.
  • A student who has been reassigned must move their belongings within 48 hours of notification and must follow the proper room change procedure.

Single Rooms

A very limited number of single accommodations are available. Students requesting single rooms are charged an additional fee for this privilege. Students seeking single room occupancy are assigned priorities the same as any other assignment unless special privileges are granted by the Office of Residence Life due to health problems or other extenuating circumstances.

If you are without a roommate and depending on the number of available spaces, you may be given the option to remain in a single. Payment for a single must be made within two weeks following room exchange or you will receive a roommate.


Contact Information

Office of Residence Life
Phone: 570-945-8271