Keystone College Policies

Student Hazing / Assault / Fighting Violence Policy

Keystone College has a “zero tolerance” for any actions considered to be hazing, assaults, fighting or acts of violence. The definitions of these actions can be found in the under Article IV section B: Prohibited Conduct – Rules and Regulations. A student who engages in, supports, assists or facilitates any act of hazing, assault, fighting or violence has committed a violation of this student policy. Students are strongly encouraged to report such acts of hazing, assaults, fighting or acts of violence to the Department of Campus Safety.

All alleged violations of this student policy shall be referred to a formal meeting with the Coordinator of Student Conduct or to an All-College Student Conduct Board. Violations of this policy are taken very serious in nature. If a student is found in violation of this policy, minimum sanctions include, but are not limited to:

  • Fines for restitution for any physical or property damages
  • Suspension / Expulsion from the residence halls
  • Loss of extracurricular privileges
  • Suspension / Expulsion from the College
  • Other sanctions imposed at the discretion of the Coordinator of Student Conduct

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