Keystone College Policies

Room Keys and Lock Outs

Students should remember to carry his/her keys at all times when leaving their rooms.

Residence hall keys are not to be duplicated or lent to any other person, including Keystone students and guests. Residents found in violation of this policy will be sanctioned accordingly. In addition, students are not permitted to lend their Keystone College ID to another student for the purposes of entering a residence hall.

In the event that a student is locked out of his/her room, students should first go to their Resident Assistant (RA), Senior Resident Assistant (SRA), Area Coordinator (AC) or other staff member in their building. If there is no building staff available, the student may contact Campus Safety at extension 8989 for assistance. Either Campus Safety or a Residence Life staff member will respond to the lock out. Students may have to wait until a Residence Life staff member or Campus Safety Officer is available to address the lock out. Verification is made of the identity of the student before the door is opened. Verification of key possession is also made at this time.

The fine for a lock out is $5.00. Following the first lockout, each additional lockout will increase in $5.00 increments ($5.00 for the 1st, $10.00 for the 2nd, $15.00 for the 3rd etc.). All fines will be billed to the student’s account.

Room Key Replacement

A lost key is a serious security concern and must be immediately reported to the Senior Resident Assistant, Area Coordinator or the Office of Residence Life. Lost keys will require a core (lock set) change and replacement keys at a substantial cost to the student. You have 24 hours after the date the key was reported missing, to find it. After the 24-hour grace period has expired, the Area Coordinator will request a core/key change.


Contact Information

Office of Residence Life
Phone: 570-945-8271