Keystone College Policies

College Property

College Property
All college owned property must remain in its original place at all times and shall not be damaged or moved or removed without consequences. In a residence hall setting, an individual is not only responsible for his/her own room and the contents therein, but also shares responsibility for the living units (floors, suites, etc.) and ultimately the entire residence hall.

Damage to a Resident’s Room
Any damage to a resident’s room, including the door and entire locking system, is the responsibility of that resident(s). The resident(s) room must be in the condition it was when the student(s) checked in. This includes but is not limited to bunked beds, all furniture, all personal belongings and trash must be removed. The student will be assessed the dollar amount, including labor and cleaning costs necessary to repair any damage or return the room to its original condition. The residents(s) and any other individual(s) identified as being responsible for the damage will be billed, and may be subject to disciplinary action.

All College furniture must remain in the student’s room. No object may be fastened to walls, woodwork, windows, ceilings, or doors except with masking tape, poster putty, or sticky tack.

Please note that Keystone College is not responsible for the personal belongings of the student. Students are strongly encouraged to carry an appropriate level of personal property insurance or can order personal property insurance through

Damage to Public Areas
The responsible party will be billed for material and labor for any damage or excessive cleaning within a hall or common area of a specific living unit (floor, suite, hall, bathroom, etc.). In the event that individual responsibility cannot be determined for any damage that occurs in public areas, ALL RESIDENTS in the specified living area, will be held responsible and equally assessed for the damage or clean-up. Any disciplinary action due to excessive damage may be administered at the discretion of the Area Coordinators or the Assistant Directors of Residence Life.

Damage Payments
Damage bills are issued each semester. All damage bills include the cost of material and labor required in replacing or repairing the damaged item. Students will receive a written notification of any damage billing charged to their account. In the event of a building wide charge, students will be notified either verbally or issued a letter.

Appeals: Student may file a written appeal for consideration of damage bills to the Office of Residence Life within ten (10) days after notification. The appeal should clearly state the reason(s) why a student feels the bill should be reconsidered.


Contact Information

Office of Residence Life
Phone: 570-945-8271