Keystone College Policies

Residence Hall Public / Privacy Issues

While privacy of the individual’s residence hall room is respected, it is also recognized that the part of the room visible to the general public reflects upon the policies, commitments and philosophy of the College. Therefore, signs, containers, trademarks and other overt displays in windows or on doors of College-owned residence halls which advertise or represent products (such as alcoholic beverages, behaviors, philosophies, etc.) not compatible with College policies or commitments are prohibited. Any material that is deemed explicit or inappropriate by any member of the campus community must not be posted in a location that can be viewed by the general public. In addition, the display in windows and on doors of College-owned residence halls of signs or other facsimile which appear to be the property of municipalities or private businesses (without proof of ownership) is also prohibited and is subject to judicial referral. Violations of the afore-mentioned procedures and the following policies can result in the cancellation of one’s housing contract or the non-renewal of one’s housing contract for the next academic year or semester.


Contact Information

Office of Residence Life
Phone: 570-945-8271