Keystone College Policies

Computer Use Policy

Electronic Information Technology Systems at Keystone College are essential and indispensable tools for learning and administration. It is the policy of the College that its computing, telecommunications, video, and associated network facilities be used ethically and legally, in accord with applicable licenses and contracts, and according to their intended use in support of the College's mission.

Any use that would impede teaching and learning, hinder the functioning of the College, violate an applicable license or contract, or damage community relations or relations with institutions with whom we share responsibility, is a violation of this policy.

Violation of this policy may result in suspension of privileges to access the information technology involved, initiation of College disciplinary procedures or, in extreme cases, criminal prosecution under federal or state law.

Please refer any questions about this policy or its applicability to a particular situation to the College CIO.

CREDIT: This policy statement was developed by Emory University, and adopted by Keystone College.

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Information Technology
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