Keystone College Policies

Student Trips

This policy and procedure applies to all student clubs and organizations that engage in overnight trips or those that exceed 100 miles in distance from the campus no matter the duration. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in suspension of future trips, at the discretion of the Office of Student Activities and/or the Vice-President of Student Affairs. 

Registration and Approval

  • Any student organization/club planning to engage in an overnight/over 100 mile trip is required to fill out the Trip Notification Form (available in the Office of Student Activities) and submit to Student Activities at least five (5) business days in advance.
  • No student organization may engage in any overnight/over 100 mile trip without first informing the Director of Student Activities/Advisor to the Student Senate.


  • Once Student Senate and the Office of Student Activities have been informed about the trip, the student organization may seek to obtain any needed funding from a variety of sources, including its own budget, the Student Senate, other college sources, or other approved sources. 
  • Source of funding does not affect the organization’s obligation to comply with the requirements of this policy and procedure.


  • No later than one business day prior to the trip’s departure time, the student organization must provide the Advisor of the club/organization with individual waivers signed by each trip participant. Waivers are available in the Office of Student Activities. These waivers can be filled out once in the beginning of the semester by each member of the club and placed on file with the Advisor of the Club/Organization. (Additional waivers do not need to be filled out once one is on file for the current academic year.)
  • No participant should be permitted to go on the trip without having signed a waiver.

Participant List and Itinerary

  • No later than 48 hours prior to the trip’s departure time, the student organization must provide to the Student Senate a written list of participants and a list of travel arrangements, destination(s), and accommodations. 

Presentation to the Student Senate

If the group trip is funded by the Student Senate they must follow the previously designated guidelines for presenting to the Student Senate/Council of Clubs once returning from the trip. See the Club/Organizations handbook for further information pertaining to Student Senate funded trips.

Contact Information

Office of Student Activities
Phone: 570-945-8258