Keystone College Policies

Department and Program Logo Policy

All Keystone College logos should meet the College branding standards. Any logos that do not meet our standards will be redesigned. The goal is for all College logos to have a consistent “look and feel,” while still expressing the identity of the individual department/program. 

When creating logos for departments/programs, the following guidelines must apply:

  • All fonts, colors, and overall look begins with the official approved Keystone College logo.
  • Logo designs will consist of a font similar to the typeface featured in the College logo. The font Adobe Garamond, most accurately represents the College logo.
  • The phrase, “Keystone College” will always receive top placement in logo design as the department/program is under the Keystone College umbrella.
  • Keystone College’s official colors (Reflex Blue and PMS 021 orange) will be used when representing the College. The only exception to this rule is if the logo/typeface is white on a Reflex Blue or PMS 021 background.

When creating logos for events and clubs/organizations the above guidelines apply, however groups may incorporate their own unique attribute into the logo (ex: Concerts and Lectures Series).

The Office of College Communications reserves the right to alter logos to adhere to the College’s branding standards. All logos must approved prior to use on publications. The long-term goal is to present and reinforce the College’s identity through the effective use of all logos, publications, and campus signage.  This branding initiative is crucial to maintain the College’s brand, as it directly and indirectly impacts the opinions of our constituency groups.

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