Keystone College Policies

Inclement Weather Policy

While Keystone College cannot completely close for bad weather when we have resident students living on campus, we can delay or cancel classes and some administrative activities due to inclement weather.

Compressed Schedule

The decision to delay the start of classes will be made by 6 a.m. In the event that we must delay the start of classes, classes will begin and offices will open at 10 a.m. 

If a later start time is necessary, the announcements on radio and television will note this change. This delay will allow for improved road conditions and will also enable Physical Facilities enough time to clear our roads and parking areas.

Compressed Class Schedule

Compressed Weekender Schedule

Classes Cancelled

If the decision is to cancel classes for the entire day, that notification will be made by 6 a.m.

If morning classes have been delayed or cancelled, the decision to delay or cancel afternoon classes will be made by 10 a.m, and the decision to cancel evening classes will be made prior to 4 p.m.


Radio and television stations that carrying Keystone information are:

Cumulus Broadcasting:

We will also use our phone mail system to disperse pertinent information within this time frame. Calling the Keystone phone number, (570) 945-8000, then pressing "8" can access the Keystone Snow Information Line.

The College homepage will also post delays, compressed schedule, and/or cancellation information.

Social Media
The College Facebook page and Twitter account will also post delays, compressed schedule, and/or cancellation information.

Text Messaging
Keystone College has become affiliated with the Wireless Emergency Notification System (WENS), which is available to all students, parents, faculty, and staff.  WENS is provided free of charge and will be used principally for events that are deemed to be true emergency situations, but will also provide information about weather-related class cancellations or closings.

cell phone WENS image

Register for the WENS system today by clicking on the WENS logo and completing the convenient registration form with your cell phone number.

Keystone College Employees

The College will make one if the following announcements through the listed media sources when weather conditions warrant a response:

  1. Classes cancelled and offices closed
    Only "essential personnel" are expected to report to their offices. Employees should contact their supervisor to determine their classification. Employees who are not classified as “essential personnel” will be paid for hours missed due to late opening or early closing of the College due to weather conditions.
  2. Classes cancelled and offices open
    College administrators, professional staff and support staff members should report to their offices if and when it is safe for them to do so. If it is impossible for an employee to be at work because of weather conditions, the supervisor should be notified immediately. It will then be up to the supervisor to determine the method of making up the lost time.
  3. Compressed schedule
    Classes will begin and offices open at 10 a.m. Any offices that need to be opened earlier than 10 a.m. should have an emergency personnel plan in place.
  4. Early Close
    If offices are to close and classes are to be cancelled before the end of the workday because of weather conditions, the College's Senior Administrator will make the decision, and the Office of College Communications will notify all offices.  

Travel and Road Conditions

You should also know that the state Department of Transportation has a Road Condition Hotline,
a toll-free number for travel conditions on interstate roads: 1-888-783-6783.
This number is available to callers in Pennsylvania and to out-of-state callers whose telephone area codes border Pennsylvania.

View Local Traffic & Road Conditions

Revised January 2013

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