Keystone College Policies

Petitioning to Walk in Commencement Ceremony

Criteria for Petitioning to Walk in Commencement  Prior to Degree Completion

A student may petition the SOS Committee for the privilege to participate in commencement without having graduated if:

  1. The student is within two (2) courses of completing graduation requirements, and
  2. The student is in good academic (2.00 GPA) and social standing, and
  3. The student submits his/her petition to the Registrar, chair of the committee, by no later than the Wednesday after Spring Break.

Students who anticipate graduating but fail a required course will not be allowed to participate in commencement. The submission deadline has been extended so that if a student finds him/herself in a position of possibly failing a required course, he/she has time to withdraw from the course and still submit the petition in a timely manner.

Download Petition Form (PDF)

Contact Information

Office of the Registrar
Phone: 570-945-8224