Keystone College Policies

Overnight Space-Available

To provide an overnight space-available policy for commuter students in case of an emergency due to weather, transportation issues and/or on an as needed basis.

SCOPE OF SERVICES: Emergency Overnight Accommodations

  • Provide a bed for commuter students that have an emergency and need to stay on campus overnight or longer if needed upon approval.
  • The cost would be $10 per night to be billed to the student’s account.

In keeping with our emphasis on emergency preparedness, allowing the students to stay on campus ensures them one less worry when they have no where else to stay, due to the unforeseen, within reason.

Students enrolled at Keystone College must show proof of health insurance as well as submit their shot records to the Health Services Office regardless of residency prior to the start of the semester. This is an option that is not required of overnight guests on weekends.


  • First and foremost, Keystone College students must be in good standing socially with the college.
  • Final acceptance will include approval from the Resident Director- on call as they will know what space is available as well as if they have had any issues with this student in the past.
  • Students who are approved for this service must comply with the current Residence Life policies established by the College.
  • Students will need to sign a contract provided by Residence Life and the health insurance waiver for a meningitis vaccine provided by Health Services.


  • The student will automatically be charged $10 for each night.
  • The Student Business Office will add the charge to the student’s account.
  • Limited meals may also be available depending on the need and the cost would be considered by Commuter Council.
  • Linens will be provided by Residence Life.

Student-in-need identified during standard work day or after hours:

  • Call or visit the Director of Commuter Life and/or VP of Student Affairs to discuss situation and seek approval.
  • Director of Commuter Life will contact Residence Life to see if space is available.
  • Once space is established, Residence Life will distribute key, contract, linens and waiver. The student must report to Campus Safety in order to secure a visitor’s pass for the night and notify them of the location of their vehicle if applicable.
  • Student must return everything to the Residence Life Office in Sickler Hall the following morning no later than noon.

Contact Information

Director of Commuter Life
Phone: 570-945-8442