Keystone College Policies

Academic Fresh Start

The Academic Fresh Start policy is designed to forgive the grades of  those students who attended college and were not ready for the rigors of  higher education at that time.

  1. The student must formally request the fresh start, in writing, to the Dean of Academic Affairs, who will then bring the request to the Standing of  Students committee.
  2. The student must have been separated from Keystone College for a minimum of  seven years.
  3. The forgiven courses must have been taken before the separation from Keystone College. They do not apply to courses taken after the academic fresh start.
  4. The entire term or terms are forgiven. A student may not choose individual courses or semesters. It is an all-or-nothing policy.
  5. The forgiven grades are shown as “WF” on the academic transcript, and are not factored in the grade point average.
  6. The student must achieve a grade point average of  2.00 or higher in their first semester of  academic fresh start or suspension will result.

Contact Information

Department of Academic Affairs
Phone: 570-945-8316