Keystone College Policies

Academic Probation

Students are placed on academic probation if they have attempted either of the following:

  • 0-19 credits and their cumulative GPA is less than 1.00
  • 20-38 credits and their cumulative GPA is less than 1.60
  • 39-59 credits and their cumulative GPA is less than 1.90

Students on academic probation may not take more than 15 credits for the semester. Once students are on academic probation, they must earn at least a 2.00 GPA in subsequent semesters or be subject to academic suspension from the College.

All students on academic probation will be required to participate in special academic programs. Students who do not adhere to the terms of  these programs will be academically suspended from the College.

Transfer students are also expected to attain the minimum GPA in courses taken at Keystone College. Grades of  courses transferred from another college are not included when calculating the GPA at Keystone. Students will be removed from academic probation when they earn a cumulative GPA of  2.00 or higher.

Contact Information

Department of Academic Affairs
Phone: 570-945-8316