Keystone College Policies

Withdrawals, Refunds, and Credits Policy

Withdrawing from, or dropping a course, may adversely affect a student’s financial aid eligibility. All students should speak with a member of the Financial Assistance & Planning Office prior to withdrawing from, or dropping a course.

A student seeking to withdraw from the College during a semester must schedule an appointment with the Student Success Advocate to complete an exit interview and begin the withdrawal process. Merely notifying an instructor or academic advisor is not sufficient. Once a withdrawal is authorized by the Dean, tuition refunds will be made as outlined below.

No withdrawal from a course or from the College can occur after the “last date to withdraw from a course for the term” that is notated on the College's academic calendar. 

A student in the Weekender program seeking to withdraw from Keystone College during a trimester must submit written notice of withdrawal to the Director of Weekender and Adult Student Education or the Site Coordinator. Merely notifying an instructor or academic advisor is not sufficient. Tuition refunds will be calculated according to a percent of payment period completed when a withdrawal is authorized.

A student who leaves the College due to dismissal for disciplinary reasons is not entitled to any refund. No credits on any charges will be made to students who have been suspended or expelled from the residence hall and/or the College. Room charges are not refunded at any time and credits of board are prorated as of the end of the calendar week of withdrawal.

Refund Policy
If a student withdraws before the first day of classes for the payment period, Keystone College will refund 100% of all tuition, lab fee(s), activities fee, health fee, technology fee, and room and board charges. Keystone College will return all Title IV awarded monies, in full, to the appropriate program accounts.

When a student withdraws on or after the first day of classes, Keystone College will refund the difference between any amount paid toward tuition and board charges (which includes financial aid payments) and the amount of charges retained on the student’s account for the period of the student’s attendance. The charges retained on the student’s account are in accordance with the return of Title IV Refunds Policy, as directed by federal regulations.

Students who withdraw on or before the 60% point of time in the period of enrollment, for which the student has been charged, is only eligible to receive the amount of Title IV Federal Aid earned during their actual enrollment. Keystone College must, per federal regulations, calculate a refund of Title IV Federal Aid to be returned under the federal refund calculation. Refunds of tuition and board if applicable for students as a result of an official withdrawal will be made according to the appropriate tuition refund schedule. These schedules are listed further in this section.

The room charge is not refundable due to a withdrawal; however board is prorated as of the end of the calendar week of withdrawal. Institutional fees are not refunded. An Unofficial Withdrawal will result in a 50% of payment completed refund calculation. 

The date used to calculate the refund is the Official Withdrawal date as determined by Keystone College. Backdating withdrawal dates is not permissible. 

No reduction is granted after the last day to drop/add classes to a student who withdraws from one or more courses, but remains registered in others. No adjustment is made from full-time to part-time status after the drop/add deadline.

The Title IV portion of the refund will be distributed to the Title IV programs, up to the full amount received from each program, for the enrollment period in question. Title IV funds are returned to the appropriate accounts in the following order:

  • Federal Unsubsidized Loans
  • Federal Subsidized Loans
  • Federal Perkins Loans
  • Federal Parent Plus Loans
  • Federal Pell Grants
  • Federal SEOG
  • Other Title IV Programs

Written examples of the applications of these refund policies are available, upon request, from the Financial Assistance & Planning Office.

Contact Information

Financial Assistance and Planning
Phone: 570-945-8132