Keystone College Policies

Group Visitation Policy

Due to some inappropriate behavior by students visiting our campus, the creation of a formal visitation policy was necessary.  The following guidelines should be adhered to when scheduling the visit of large groups of students (in excess of 10) to campus:

Students visiting Keystone College must have completed 9th grade

If special permission is granted to students in a grade less than 9th, there must be no less than one chaperone per five students. 

Appointments must be scheduled at least 2 weeks prior to visiting Keystone College.

Students will be allowed to observe a class under the following conditions:

  • The instructor has granted permission
  • The addition of students will not negatively impact the class
  • The class will be conducted as scheduled (i.e. no room must be changed, no major reconfiguration of classroom set up)

A group visit consists of campus tour, an admissions presentation, and where applicable, lunch.  Please note that lunch will not be provided by Keystone College. Payment arrangements must be made in advance with the coordinator of group visits.