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Web and Content Management Policy

The web is an essential source of information and a communication medium for all College audiences: current and prospective students, faculty, parents, alumni, and media. Our website is a medium of communication that defines who we are today and who we will be in the future.

Web Content Strategy 2011-2012

Web Committee
As a collaborative group, with representation from each division and department of the College, the Web Committee will develop and implement the strategic web vision for the College.

The Faculty representative serves on the committee for a two year term (based on Academic calendar year, June 1-May 31), and their replacement will be voted in by faculty senate.

Committee Members: Shannon Williams, Web Marketing and Content Manager, Committee Chair; Beth Miller, Director of Communications; Meredith Colohan, Administrative Assistant for Institutional Advancement; Crystal M. Seigle, Customer Service Manager/Events Coordinator; Mark Gowarty, College Webmaster; Deirdre Currie, Assistant Director of Student Business Services; Ward Roe, Professor of Fine Arts, Faculty liaison; Wendy Kramer, Director of Commuter Living; Luci Lopes, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Jennifer Kretsch, Administrative Specialist to the Provost and Dean of the College; and Leanne Hennip, Coordinator of Career Outreach.

Each committee member is responsible for maintaining their department or office web pages, keeping content up-to-date and following guidelines established by the Web Committee. Members are expected to attend monthly update meetings and communicate updates from those meetings back to their respective department or office.

Editors and Publishers
Members of the committee may be Content Editors or Content Publishers. Publishers can create content in the Content Management System (CMS) and publish it live to the web site. Editors can create content but are not allowed to publish the content directly to the site, it is directed to their assigned publisher to upload for them. 

Some members may sit on the committee to represent their department, but have no Editor or Publishing rights.

Web site contributors by Department:

• Shannon Williams, Web Content Manager, web committee chair

• Mark Gowarty, Web Master



• Shannon Williams - Content Publisher with Administrative Rights

• Jennifer Kretsch – Academic Calendar

• Ward Roe, Faculty liaison (term dates: 6-1-2014 to 5-31-2016)

• Justin Kraky, Content Publisher


• Crystal Seigle - Content Publisher

Admissions/Financial Aid

• Shannon Williams - Content Publisher with Administrative Rights

Career Development:

• Leanne Hennip - Content Publisher   

Student Affairs:

Wendy Kramer - Content Publisher

• Luci Lopes - Content Publisher    

Alumni and Institutional Advancement:

• Meredith Colohan - Content Publisher


Beth Miller - Content Publisher with Administrative Rights

• Shannon Williams - Content Publisher with Administrative Rights

Business Office

• Deirdre Currie - Content Publisher 

• Patricia Lione - Content Editor

• Alberta Grushinski - Content Publisher

Veterans and Parents:

• Wendy Kramer - Content Publisher

Content Management System (CMS)
The CMS is the system that stores and displays official College web content. Management and use of the CMS will comply with all official policies of the College, including but not limited to, discrimination and harassment policies, compliance with all federal, state, and local laws, statutes, and regulations, brand standards, confidentiality of records, positive data security and appropriate use of computing facilities. Any official College information made available to external users is subject to review by the College to ensure consistency with laws and College policies.

Any one wishing to make Web Site changes or updates can do so by contacting their department/division web committee representative, content editor or publisher for that department. Any new pages should be submitted through the IT Help Desk ticketing system; submit your IT Ticket request as a Web Content request to Shannon Williams. Any requests for new web pages will be brought to the committee for discussion and approval. Decisions on where to place the page within the navigation of the web site will be made by the committee at that time.

Keystone College Web Sites and Web Page Branding

Keystone College is working to strengthen its brand image with all of its constituencies. Our brand differentiates Keystone College from the competition and is at the heart of all of our marketing efforts.  

Marketing experts agree that the “look” of College materials is vital to establishing our brand in the minds of all our potential customers.  Keystone has adopted new policies to assure that brochures, signs, pamphlets, stationery, press releases, and the like all have the Keystone College “look.”

This branding initiative extends to web pages and web sites that represent the College and its activities. 

Anyone wishing to create a new web site that is affiliated with, or represents Keystone College, will have to go through an application process and get approval if the web site is not going to be part of the Keystone College dotCMS.

This approval is given by a sub-committee; Charlotte Ravaioli, Senior Adviser to the President; Shannon Williams, Web Marketing & Content Manager; Iris Horne, Director of College Publications; and Mark Gowarty, College Webmaster.

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Revised 7-15-2014

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