Keystone College Policies

Emergency Notification Policy

The Department of Campus Safety is the focal point for the transmission of official emergency communications to the College. If an emergency occurs the Director of Campus Safety or the Campus Safety Officer on duty will notify the Campus Response Team Chair, the Senior Director of College Administration, the Dean of Student Affairs, and the Director of Physical Facilities. This core group will meet immediately at the Campus Safety Office, which will serve as the Incident Command Post in emergency situations.

All members of the Campus Response Team will be contacted immediately. The Senior Director of College Administration will inform all Building Coordinators. Building Coordinators will then inform all offices and faculty in their buildings of the nature of the emergency and what immediate action needs to be taken.

In the event of a major emergency the Campus Response Team will meet in the PDR immediately. This meeting will take precedents over all other meetings. 

IMPORTANT: During an emergency, campus emergency phone lines must be restricted to official College use only.

Updated 1/22/2013

Contact Information

Campus Safety Department
Phone: 570-945-8997