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Keystone College is working to strengthen its brand image with all of its constituencies. Our brand differentiates Keystone College from the competition and is at the heart of all of our marketing efforts.

Marketing experts agree that the "look" of College materials is vital to establishing our brand in the minds of all our potential customers.  Keystone has adopted new policies to assure that brochures, signs, pamphlets, stationery, press releases, and the like all have the Keystone College "look." 

This branding initiative extends to web pages and web sites that represent the College and its activities.  

The attached form will help you develop a new web page or web site that represents your work and, at the same time, helps to develop the Keystone College brand.  If you have questions about this initiative or the form please contact Web Marketing & Content Manager.

Keystone College Web Policy

Please put N/A if you do not have an answer but the field requires an answer.

(*) denotes required information.

* Your Name
* What is the web site / pages for?
* Is it a Keystone College affiliated event, activity, or program? Yes No
* Who is the primary audience for these web pages? External Internal Both
* Who is the funding source for the web pages?
* If grant funded who is the recipient of this grant?
* Who is the Keystone College contact for this project?
* Who will be designing the look of the web site?
* Are there other collateral products that you will need as well?
ie. a brochure or letterhead,
* If so who will be creating these?

* Will you be using the Keystone College logo?Yes No


* Who will be creating content for the initial web site?
(give specific name)

* Who do you expect to manage or create the content for the web pages once your site is live? (give specific name)

* Will you be using or linking to any information that is currently on the Keystone College website? Yes No

If so, which information. Please list URLs.

What is the date this web site is due to "go live" and online?
How long do you expect this site to stay active?
* Will these web pages have protection or permission issues tied to it? Yes No Unsure

If you answered yes, please explain.


* What Keystone College technical support do you anticipate that you may need for these web pages? ie. server space


* Do you anticipate needing technical resources that Keystone College can not provide in order to create your web pages?
ie. Video streaming or online registration
 Yes No

If yes, please explain.


If do you not wish to use the current Keystone College web site, could you explain why not?

* Which Keystone College Vice President, if any, approved this request?