Keystone College Rain Garden

Posted: 06/19/2012

Rain Garden

Keystone College’s nationally recognized efforts in environmental sustainability continue with the completion of a rain garden, located outside the Office of Admissions. Nora Dillon, assistant director of the Keystone College Environmental Education Institute (KCEEI), initiated the project by applying for a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) grant in 2010. The DEP grant awarded Dillion $7,500 in order to complete the project.

The grant provided funding to build the rain garden, as well as educational opportunities for those interested in building rain gardens themselves. With the help of Sodexo staff, Tom McLane Associates, and student volunteers, the rain garden was completed in May 2012.

The rain garden serves as an essential addition to Keystone’s environmentally friendly green campus by sustaining some stormwater runoff in the area and preventing certain environmental concerns. The location outside the Office of Admissions is ideal due to the slight hill in the landscape, since stormwater typically runs into the road below it. With the completion of the rain garden, more water will absorb into the ground, therefore preventing stormwater runoff which can cause pollution, flooding, land erosion, and other environmental concerns. 

The rain garden is not only environmentally beneficial to Keystone’s campus, but will also provide a beautiful place for students to gather.