Keystone plays key role in Arts on Fire Celebration

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  • Keystone plays key role in Arts on Fire Celebration

Posted: 05/30/2012

Local high school students will once again have the opportunity to experience pouring hot molten iron into molds they have created, just as the workers did generations ago at the historic Scranton Iron Furnaces.

The students, participants in the Keystone College Iron Works and Art Engage Program, will create their own iron designs during the third annual Arts on Fire Festival June 1-3 at the Scranton Iron Furnaces, 159 Cedar Ave. They began their training earlier this month by participating in several iron pour workshops at the Keystone College art studios.   

 “We’re looking forward to a wonderful weekend celebration as the entire community celebrates Scranton’s industrial history,” said Keystone College art instructor   Nikki Moser. “The festival will be especially memorable for the local students participating in the historic iron pours.”

The festival begins Friday, June 1 with the Fire at the Furnace fundraiser to support the Anthracite Heritage Museum and Iron Furnace Associates. The Friday evening celebration features a night-time iron casting demonstration at 8 p.m. Saturday will feature a second iron-pour during the day. Participants include several Keystone alumni as well as sculptor Vaughn Randall. Sunday’s activities include a presentation by Keystone College faculty member Jared Jaffe.