Keystone College student speaks at Presidential Rally

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Posted: 09/05/2013

Keystone College junior Urica Carver admitted to being a little nervous as she stood at the podium during the start of a rally for education held recently in Scranton, Pa. Of course, she had every right to be apprehensive – she was the opening speaker just before the President and Vice President of the United States took the stage.

Urica Carver speaks at Presidential Rally

Urica, who recently began her junior year at Keystone after earning an associate degree from nearby Lackawanna College, spoke before a packed house during the final leg of President Barack Obama’s four-city bus tour in late August. Vice President Joseph Biden also attended the rally.

After a brief introduction, Urica proudly announced she was continuing her college career at Keystone. A single mother of four children, Urica was selected to address the audience because of her excellent academic record and because of her role as Lackawanna’s student government president.

"I have to say it was a little scary at first,” Urica said. “It was my first time speaking in front of so many people. The fact the President and Vice President were there made it especially exciting. Once I was on stage for a few seconds, I calmed down and really enjoyed myself. I’ll remember the experience for the rest of my life."

As she continues her education as a criminal justice major at Keystone, Urica is the perfect example of a person who remains undeterred in chasing her dreams. She currently works full-time while raising her children and takes classes in-person and on-line at Keystone. A criminal justice major, her goal is to pursue a career with the FBI. 

"I knew I wanted to continue my education and I heard really great things about Keystone. I wanted to pursue my bachelor’s degree at a college where I’m going to fit in well and get a great education at the same time. Being a single parent, I also wanted to find a college that fit my budget and that was definitely the case at Keystone. Everyone here has been absolutely amazing! I’m really looking forward to the rest of my life."