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Keystone College officially inaugurated David L. Coppola, Ph.D. as its 10th president and 19th leader on Thursday, August 28, 2014 in a stirring ceremony marked by academic pageantry and a promising outlook of innovation and advancement for the college. The theme for the event was, “Carrying Our Legacy of Excellence Forward.”


We Are Here to Build*
By Macaulay Glynn ’15, Student and Poet

We are here to build. We wake early,
Early, early,
As the sun makes folds of the fog
Hustling under lumber and copper and
wire and iron beams. Our hammers ring out
against the bright dawn. We will cleave smiles
in the bitter with our unrelenting kindness. 

We are wedded to progress. We are
your temple of worship, my brother’s freckles,
the girl smiling to herself on the morning train.
Gather your tools now.  We are building houses. 
We are filling lakes and planting your mother’s favorite flowers.

Open the windows. Love is a building and we are building.
What can stop us now.

*Poem read during the Benediction