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Dr. Ian Saginor

Assistant Professor

Major: Division of Natural Science and Mathematics

Costa Rica Mud BathAs part of Keystone's Global Learning, Dr. Ian Saginor lead a group of students on a fieldtrip to Costa Rica to study the geology and ecology of the region with other students and faculty from the University of Costa Rica. This trip gave Keystone students the ability to learn directly from local experts as well as experience fieldwork firsthand. Equally important, was the cultural experience students had as they interacted with students and faculty from the University of Costa Rica. 

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Ian Saginor in NicaraguaWhat courses do you teach?


What do you enjoy about teaching at Keystone?

Keystone rewards and supports innovation and is always looking for ways to distinguish itself from its peer institutions. Over the past year, we have developed a field course to Costa Rica and partnered with Columbia University to install sophisticated earthquake detection equipment on campus. 

What are the pros of a smaller college with small classes and how does this affect the way that you approach teaching?

Small classes allow students to learn directly from their professors.  I went to a small college and I learned the most from professors who willing to spend time discussing the material in small groups.

What real-life experiences do you introduce to the classes and how does this benefit your students?

I try to incorporate my fieldwork in Central America and experience on volcanoes as much as possible, not only to make course material more relevant, but also to show that science exists outside of textbooks and the confines of the classroom. 

Describe your typical student. What do you find motivates him or her?

Many of my students are not science majors, so to be motivated, they need to understand how the material is relevant to them regardless of what they plan to do in the future. 

How available are you for your students above and beyond what is normally expected?

Students are free to stop by my office anytime (and they do).  I also offer additional review sessions before tests to anyone who feels they need further instruction.

What makes Keystone special to you?

There is a real sense of progress and a commitment from both the students and faculty to helping Keystone grow at a time when many colleges and universities are pulling back.

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