Faculty Assessment

These forms are necessary to complete an assessment plan. It is vital that Keystone College develop assessment plans to be able to document improvement with regards to student learning. 

Keystone FORM A - Face Cover Academic Plan
The form is to be completed over a five-year period. The first three sections A, B and C can be completed and then the goals and outcomes will accumulate as they are developed each year of the cycle.

Keystone Learning FORM B - Academic Five Year Plan
This form is to be completed once every five years. It can be revised as necessary over the five years. This will allow the department/division to develop a purposeful and organized assessment plan.

Course Syllabi Alignment Process Form C

Keystone FORM D - Academic Assessment Report
This form is intended to capture the goals and courses from FORM B so that the student learning intended outcomes can be documented and the results reported at the end of the measurement phase. Please see examples and the Guide for Learning Improvement through Assessment.

Keystone Program Review Schedule
In order to develop a planned and organized Program Review process, a schedule needs to be developed. This is the responsibility of the Division Chair or their designee to fill in the program review form. The programs are best distributed across the five years. Please consider the amount of work and available faculty for each of the five years when deciding the schedule for each year.

New Course Proposal Form (Word)

New Curriculum Proposal Form (Word)

Program Review Schedule and Faculty Assignments (PDF)