Faculty Senate


The  faculty is organized into a Faculty Senate which meets regularly once each month during the academic year and at other times when deemed necessary. The objectives of the Faculty Senate are to serve the professional interests and general welfare of its members and the College community; to disseminate information and exchange ideas in order to increase the efficiency and meaningfulness of the policies affecting conditions of employment of the faculty; to aid faculty members in preserving professional and personal rights and academic freedom; to represent the faculty in the development of proposals dealing with salaries, fringe benefits, and working conditions; and to serve the College and the community by taking an active role in reinforcing and creating beneficial educational policies and procedures through study, consultation, discussion, suggestions, and actions.  Policies and procedures regarding full-time faculty will be in accordance with the recommendations of the American Association of University Professors as outlined in the AAUP's --Policy Documents and Reports, 2001 edition.

The Faculty Handbook can be found on the documents & forms page on the Faculty Tab in MyKC.

Faculty Senate Officers

Chair, Stacey Wyland
Vice-Chair, Dr. Deborah Belknap
Secretary, Sara White
Parliamentarian, Dr. Steven Howell
Liaison to Cabinet, Dr. Karen Yarrish

List of Active Committees