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Associate Professor

Mary Morasky

Mary Morasky

Associate Professor
Department or Division: Division of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Office Location: Capwell Science Hall - Room 203
Phone Number:(570) 945-8405

What makes Keystone special to me?
"The College is small enough to be cozy. Fellow faculty members are warm, open, and caring individuals, who support a family-like atmosphere on campus. They are the nicest people anyone can ever work with on a continuing basis. They are friends as well as colleagues."


Villanova University, B.S., Astronomy

Marywood College, M.S., Mathematics Education

Courses Teaching:

Basic Algebra

Intermediate Algebra

College Algebra

College Mathematics


Calculus and Analytical Geometry I

Calculus and Analytical Geometry II

Calculus and Analytical Geometry III

Techniques of Calculus I

Techniques of Calculus II

Techniques of Calculus III

Techniques of Calculus IV

Differential Equations


Physical Science I

Physical Science II


Title III Dyads for Curriculum Revision:

1. Precalculus, 1995, (Co-Author - S. Casterline)

2. Calculus and Analytical Geometry I, 1996, (Co-Author - S. Casterline) 3. Astronomy, 1998 (Co-Author - T. Cupillari)

Keystone College Stipends:

1. Computer Stipend, Summer 1993 (Compared MATHCAD-DOS Version, MATHCAD-WINDOWS Version, and DERIVE) 2. Basic Algebra Stipend, Summer 1999 (Committee Chairperson) (Designed and administered Basic Algebra Challenge Examinations, designed Basic Algebra Course Challenge Student Request Form, and designed results of Basic Algebra Challenge Form) 3. Math Stipend, Fall 1999 (Co-Author - P. Miller) (Analyzed Basic Algebra Challenge Exam results, revised course descriptions and contact hours for Basic Algebra and College Algebra courses, compared Basic Algebra courses in 10 colleges and universities, compared College Algebra courses in 11 colleges and universities, and selected mathematics textbooks for Academic Year 2000-2001)

Alleviating Math Anxiety in Basic Algebra Students, 1998:

(Undertaken as part of P. Miller's doctoral dissertation) (Techniques studied included group tests and quizzes, take-home tests, math journals, math portfolios, library based assignments, and optional extra-credit assignments)


1. "What Would You Say?" The Pierian Spring, Summer 1988, pp.20-23 2. "To Boldy Go Where Few Have Gone Before," The Pierian Spring, Fall 1989, pp. 10-11 3. "Just for the Fun of It," The Pierian Spring, Fall 1989, p. 14

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