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logoMoodleRooms Joule is a hosted course management system based off of the open-source Moodle platform. 

Login to the system
Users can login to the system using their Keystone College network credentials. The username is typically your student ID number, however in some cases it will be your first initial followed by your last name. The password will be the same one used to access your Keystone College network account and email.

Access MoodleRooms


MoodleRooms Documents

Uploading Word documents to MoodleRooms account from your iPad

Frequently Asked Questions - Moodlerooms Joule 2.0

Moodlerooms Fall 2014 Student and Staff Support

Moodlerooms Joule 2.0 File System Explained

Moodlerooms Joule 2.0 Upgrade Plugin Matrix

Backup and Restore a Moodle Course - These are instructions for copying course materials between Moodle shells.

Moodle Course Creation and User Management Protocols

MoodleRooms Joule 2.0 Student Manual

MoodleRooms Joule 2.0 Teacher Manual

MoodleRooms Joule 2.0 Administrator Manual

MoodleRooms Support

MoodleRooms support, contact: