Live Text FAQs

  1. What is LiveText?
    LiveText offers unlimited storage space for files & assignments and offers a convenient way to share those files and assignments.

    For Students: According to the LiveText website, "LiveText offers you a digital workspace to author any sort of document; assignments, journals, lessons, e-portfolios, and more. You can share these documents instantaneously with professors, classmates, and groups for assessment and collaboration."

    For Faculty: According to the LiveText website, LiveText allows you to be "at the forefront of defining educational objectives for students and developing meaningful, evidence-based measures of progress. By integrating LiveText's C1 into your curricular program, you promote collaborative, reflective learning, provide easy faculty-student communication for coaching and assessment, and support institutional oversight for data collection and continuous improvement."
  2. Do all students need to buy LiveText?
    Beginning with the fall 2010 semester, all incoming freshman and transfers will receive a LiveText account as part of their registration for use throughout their time at Keystone. LiveText will be useful to students as they collect their work in preparation for e-portfolios, Capstone projects and employment.  
  3. How long does a student LiveText account last?
    This Standard Edition offers full access to LiveText Solutions for the entire time students are enrolled in a program plus an additional year beyond graduation (a maximum of 5 years). Renewal rates to extend services after LiveText membership expiration are available for one, two, and three-year periods.
  4. What if I don't have a key code listed in MyKC?
    If you do not have a key code for LiveText listed in your "Personal Information" on MyKC, that means either, 1) you enrolled before automatic billing for LiveText was enacted, 2) you were not charged for LiveText, or 3) the charge was not fully processed.

    Visit Student Business Services to determine if you were charged. If Student Business Services has any key codes, you can purchase it through them. If not, you can visit and purchase your subscription directly at that site with a credit card. 
  5. What if I forgot my username/password?
    Visit the Forgot Username/Password? page.
  6. What if I don't see my course?
    If you are a student and do not see your course listed, talk with your Instructor.
  7. Where can I get LiveText support?
    All users, students and faculty alike, can work with LiveText directly. Call 866-LiveText (866-548-3839) or Emai

    For other training and support options, email
  8. I am not a Freshman. Can I still get a LiveText account?
    Sure. While the College is just starting to integrate LiveText into courses, there are other reasons to purchase LiveText; unlimited web-based storage, an easy way to save and share your best work, an easy way to create an e-portfolio. You can purchase your keycode at the College Bookstore. Then, visit the LiveText registration page for more information.