Live Text FAQs

  1. What is LiveText?
    LiveText offers unlimited storage space for files & assignments and offers a convenient way to share those files and assignments.

    For Students: According to the LiveText website, LiveText offers you a digital workspace to author any sort of document; assignments, journals, lessons, e-portfolios, and more. You can share these documents instantaneously with professors, classmates, and groups for assessment and collaboration.

    For Faculty: According to the LiveText website, LiveText allows you to be "at the forefront of defining educational objectives for students and developing meaningful, evidence-based measures of progress. By integrating LiveText's C1 into your curricular program, you promote collaborative, reflective learning, provide easy faculty-student communication for coaching and assessment, and support institutional oversight for data collection and continuous improvement."
  2. How long does a student LiveText account last?
    This Standard Edition offers full access to LiveText Solutions for the entire time students are enrolled in a program plus an additional year beyond graduation (a maximum of 5 years). Renewal rates to extend services after LiveText membership expiration are available for one, two, and three-year periods.
  3. What if I forgot my username/password?
    Visit the Forgot Username/Password? page.
  4. What if I don't see my course?
    If you are a student and do not see your course listed, talk with your Instructor.
  5. Where can I get LiveText support?
    All users, students and faculty alike, can work with LiveText directly. Call 866-LiveText (866-548-3839) or Email

    For other training and support options, email