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Post Office

The Keystone College Post Office is a full service office offering a wide variety of services:

  • Stamps
  • Stamped envelopes
  • Money orders
  • Priority Mail
  • Express Mail

Mailing Address

The correct mailing address for all incoming mail is as follows:

Student Name
One College Green PMB #
La Plume, PA 18440-0200

Please remember to put your return address on all outgoing mail on the upper left hand corner of your envelope or package.

Students who lose their mailbox key will be charged a $10 fee.

Mailroom Procedures and Policies
  • All resident students will be assigned a mailbox and will receive a key for the box at the beginning of the year.
  • Commuter students may request a mailbox at the Post Office.
  • Students must use their key to obtain mail. Mail will not be given out by the Mailroom attendant at the window.
  • Packages: To claim a package the recipient must present a “package slip” to the Mailroom attendant. The “package slip” will be placed in a recipient’s mailbox when a package arrives. Packages must be signed for, and will not be given without the “package slip”.
  • UPS and Fed Ex packages may NOT be sent from the Mailroom, unless you have a prepaid label attached.
  • Mailbox keys must be returned at the end of the semester or upon student’s departure from the college. A charge of $6 dollars will be posted to a student’s account for a lost or un-returned key.
  • If a student wishes to have mail forwarded to them upon departing the college, they must fill out a mail forwarding card. This card can be obtained from the Mailroom. Mail that has not been claimed by the end of the semester or arranged to be forwarded, will be returned to sender at the end of the semester.

Key return procedure

  • A signature is required when returning mail box keys. Please bring your key to the post office during business hours.
  • Students may keep the same box number for the next school year but are required to return keys when not attending classes.

Steps for receiving Personal Mail Box and Key

  • Resident students will be assigned a box number and key on Check-in Day
  • Resident students who miss check-in day can stop by the Mailroom during business hours to obtain a mailbox
  • Commuter students may stop by the Mailroom during business hours to obtain a mailbox.


The following services are provided by the Mailroom:

  • Send letters and other mailings
  • Purchase money orders, stamps, and envelopes may
  • Send priority and express mail
  • Receive USPS, Fed Ex and UPS packages
  • Send packages (USPS)
  • Send mail to friends and offices on campus (Use the “On Campus Mail Slot” located outside of the entrance to the Mailroom) Postage is not needed for on campus mail.

Your Address

When sending family and friends your address, be sure it reads:

(Your Name)
One College Green PMB Box (Insert your box number here)
La Plume, PA 18440


Contact Us

Post Office

  • 570-945-8383
  • Email
  • Location: Hibbard Campus Center, Third Flood