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The Children's Center at Keystone College provides preschoolers with a quality program of early education conducted by Early Childhood professionals, while serving as a training site for students majoring in Education and related fields at Keystone College.

Keystone Stars LogoWe are licensed and inspected by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare and accredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs.

The Children's Center has earned a "Four Star" rating through Pennsylvania's Keystone Stars, a quality improvement program that recognizes childcare providers who exceed state health and safety licensing requirements.

Philosophy of the Children's Center

All aspects of a child’s development – physical, social, cognitive, creative, emotional – are nurtured at the Children’s Center.  The program is based on a philosophy of trust and respect for the child with the assumption that all children want to learn and are capable of learning.

Learning takes place during all of the child’s activities and interactions. The classroom is organized to give children opportunities to explore, discover and grow in a warm, secure environment, with teachers prepared to guide and challenge.  We recognize that all children are unique individuals who learn in different ways, at different times, and from each other as well as adults.  We believe that the development of a positive self-image is the best foundation for the child’s future success.  Parent participation is welcomed and encouraged.

The Children's Center is an equal opportunity provider.

Fee Schedule and Tuition Policies