The Keystone Promise

Keystone Promise Requirements of the Career Development Center

The following requirements must be completed before graduation:

Within six months of graduation, you must notify the Career Development Center if you have received a job offer or have been accepted at another college or university!

We offer you "The Keystone College Promise."
A pledge to first-time, full-time students in good academic, financial, and social standing . . .

That within six months after graduating from Keystone and fulfilling the requirements of the Career Development Center, you will have received at least one job offer, or where appropriate, be accepted into a transfer or graduate program.  In the event this does not occur, we will provide you with additional courses and career counseling at no additional charge.

A First-Year Experience seminar to enable you to acquire the skills necessary for academic, personal, and career success, and a portfolio/resume designed to give you a competitive edge in the job market.

A Real World Experience that explores the world of work.

A Bridge and a Capstone Experience combining knowledge acquired in both the classroom and the real world.

A Pre-Major program that offers academic and career counseling to assist undecided students who need to make an informed decision about a major.

A guarantee for on-campus housing to our first-year and sophomore students for as long as they remain full-time students*.

*Housing deposits must be received by May 1 in order to be guaranteed housing.

The Keystone College Promise was developed in 1997 by the faculty and staff of Keystone College to better serve our students.