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Keystone Promise Requirements of the Career Development Center

Associate and Baccalaureate degree students must complete all Career Development Center requirements, listed below. Sequences of the requirements are recommended, but students may complete CDC Promise requirements at any time prior to graduation.

First Year

Learn more about completing the Freshman Year Promise Steps (PDF)

Second Year

Learn more about completing the Sophomore Year Promise Steps (PDF)

Third Year

  • Complete an internship or Experiential Learning opportunity
  • Discuss graduate school/plans for additional education with a career counselor
  • Complete an approved networking activity
  • Create an account on College Central Network

Learn more about completing the Junior Year Promise Steps (PDF)

Fourth Year

  • Update your resume and cover letter, and have them approved by a career counselor
  • Conduct a Job Search with a career counselor
  • Complete a Mock interview with a career counselor

Learn more about completing the Senior Year Promise Steps (PDF)

After Graduation

Within six months of graduation, please notify the Career Development Center if you have received a job offer or have been accepted into a transfer or graduate program so that we can celebrate your ongoing success!