The mutual goal of both Keystone faculty and the Career Development Center (CDC) is student success. By working together, faculty and the CDC can ensure that the transition from student to a member of the work force is as seamless as possible.

Think of the path our students take to their professional career, as a camping trip. Faculty does an outstanding job of "filling the students' backpacks" with the knowledge and practical skills they need to thrive once they reach their destination. The CDC provides the maps and compasses, and serves as a guide for students conducting their career exploration.

Presentations and Workshops
Do you need to cancel a class? Schedule a career presentation or workshop instead! Representatives from the Career Development Center will come into your classroom and present on anything from cover letter and resume writing to networking and job searches.

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Following are some of the services we offer:

These are just some of the services we offer. Please call (570) 945-8312  or email us to determine how, together, we can achieve student success. We look forward to working with you!