Career Resources for Veterans

The transition from military professional to civilian can be tricky when it comes time to marketing oneself for a new career. The Career Development Center is here to help all Keystone veterans make the transition from student to professional.

Military Resume Writing

When creating a resume it is important to remember that most, if not all of your military experience is going to be relevant to your future positions. Leadership skills, time management, completion of results driven tasks, ability to follow orders and recognition for achievement are things every employer wants to see in a potential new hire. The following sites have great resume writing advice for veterans.

Find a Job or Internship

Many companies are very supportive of veteran employees, and some even prefer to hire former service members. You can find these positions on job boards targeting former military personnel.

Military Spouse Job Resources


Start a Business

There are several programs including VetBiz and Patriot Express that support entrepreneurial veterans looking to start their own small business. 

Find a Mentor

Finding a mentor, whether they are a fellow veteran or not, can really enhance your network and increase your chances for career success. Use College Central Networks Alumni Mentoring Program or look into American Corporate Partners to find a mentor.