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Flora & Fauna of Pennsylvania (grades K - 12)

Date: July 28, 2014
Time: 12:00 AM

This course will teach you to identify plants and animals of Northeast PA and offers an intensive study of the interrelationships, behaviors and adaptions that support their biological success.  Through a combination of laboratory investigations, brief class discussions and extensive time in the field, participants will gain an understanding of how living things adapt and adjust to maintain themselves as they balance the influences of nature and man.  Topics include birds (including banding), mammals, insects, amphibians, flowering plants, "lower" plants, mushrooms and aquatic organisms.  Collecting, photographing, preparing and curating specimens will be demonstrated.

Fee: $300

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Location: Lackawanna Hall

Contact: Sharon Burke
Organization: KCEEI
Contact Phone: 570-945-8555
Contact Email: sharon.burke@keystone.edu

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