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Kostige, Andrew and Mary, Family Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Education

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  • Kostige, Andrew and Mary, Family Endowed Scholarship in Early Childhood Education


Donor: Jack V. Kostige '47

What prompted you/your organization to establish and/or support a Keystone College scholarship?

“My foundation: in freedom and steadfast love of family since conception; the elementary country school setting of 8 grades of pupils (we were called; some adults of my time called us young ‘scholars’) with one dedicated teacher; the socializing, ‘though not socialized, experience of a small high school (9th grade through 12th) with teachers dedicated to academics; provided the platform for launch into space and time. Keystone Jr. College then, mid 1940’s, that palpable time of influx of mustering-out vets of WWII on Campus of inspiring professors, all in all gave me the jet fuel to soar! Scholarships are representative of pay-back and pay forward, modestly assisting Keystone College students jetting into intellectual wealth.”

What would you tell others to inspire them to establish a scholarship?

“Mine your mind for the worth of life: sort out the seeds from the chafe, the coal from the slate. Establishing a scholarship fertilizes a young mind and provides the energy to grow. As great minds have stood on the shoulders of others, allow students, through scholarships, to stand on yours. Know them. Support them. Love them as your own. ‘Swonderful.’”

What advice would you give to current and future scholarship recipients in regard to their educational pursuits?

“Among other works of the minds of mankind, read the British RAF’s Richard Bach’s 1970(?) allegory, Jonathan Livingston Seagull …and fly!; fly higher; fly faster; fly farther; dive deeper into life than you might have otherwise, and gain thereby intellectual wealth. There will be those disadvantaged ‘seagulls’, enslaved, encumbered, by external influences, who will attempt to shoot you down, nevertheless, they will be, at their timeliness, caught up in your aerodynamic ‘drag’ …, ultimately. Intellect is of our life-span’s penultimate stage of personal development; personal spirituality, the ultimate – fed by intellect – patiently awaits!”