Notable Alumni

Major: Art

Most memorable Keystone moment
Remembering my many adventures on campus always brings a smile to my face. It is impossible to pick one when it was the entire experience that made a lasting impact on my life. However, the thing I enjoyed the most was pouring bronze to create metal sculptures, those memories are as sharp as if they happened yesterday.

What are you doing now?
As a Toy Inventor I licensed the original idea that was developed into the hit toy line Bakugan. These days I am the Content Designer and Writer on the upcoming LEGO Universe video game.

Most interesting life experience
There are two: Crossing the gap from Toy Design into Video Game design (which took several years) and going to Japan on a whim to see the 1/1 scale 30th anniversary Gundam (the greatest vacation ever!).

Family: Happily single...

What you hope to be doing in the future?
I look forward to finding other interesting opportunities like LEGO Universe in the future, I enjoy being tapped for my creativity and knowledge of both toys and video games. I also have found a new avenue for creativity in writing novels too.

Message to the students of today
Getting to where you want to be may seem impossible, but you can get there if you work hard and stay focused. Some goals can take years to achieve, it's never easy, but you really can do anything as long as you remember two things: Do what you like and Enjoy what you do.