Notable Alumni

Major: Art

Most memorable Keystone moment
Imagine any great episodic TV show with a tight-knit ensemble of interesting friends. The kind of show that is fun, comedic, at times dramatic, and always endearing. That was what every day was like for me on campus. I never found a school its equal or a place I felt more a part of a community. My fondest college memories surround the numerous adventures I experienced at Keystone; many left a lasting impact on my life. There are times when I miss the art studio where I could pour bronze and even my old dorm room in Moffat.    

What are you doing now?
Working as a toy inventor, I licensed the original idea that was developed into the hit toy line Bakugan. As a video game designer I worked on the short-lived LEGO Universe game. As an author I published the novels In the Sanctum of Entropy and Dirtbag: A Strange Tale.

Most interesting life experience
There are two: Crossing the gap from Toy Design into Video Game design (which took several years) and going to Japan on a whim to see the 1/1 scale 30th anniversary Gundam (the greatest vacation ever!).

Family: Happily single...

What you hope to be doing in the future?
A long time ago I changed the course of my life from being locked into a single career to creating a portfolio of careers that better reflected me as a creative individual. Each choice brought enormous personal growth and it’s a path I intend to continue.

Message to the students of today
I know it can feel like you’re getting nowhere, but if you have a solid goal to work toward, and you stay focused, anything is possible. Be willing to move wherever you have to go to get the job you want. Be open to criticism and allow it to inspire you. It can take years to reach a goal and it’s never easy. You really can do anything as long as you remember to enjoy what you do.