Notable Alumni

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Ron Frisbie 43

Ron Frisbie 43 - Engineering

After 62 years in a management capacity, Mr. Frisbie continues to be very busy playing tenor sax in an 18 piece big band, showing two antique cars at meets, and most of all, greeting visitors from around the world who visit the Ron Frisbie Historic Radio Museum.

Bob McGurrin 54

Bob McGurrin 54 - Biological Sciences

Former member of the Keys Honorary Society, Mr. McGurrin now resides in Woodstock, England and is retired from teaching the children of military personnel overseas.

Suzanne Fisher Staples 65

Suzanne Fisher Staples 65 - Liberal Arts

Author, and former news reporter, Suzanne Fisher Staples attributes her literary passion to her Keystone College English professor who told her that she had the potential to become a good writer if she was willing to work hard and read a lot. So she did just that.


Len Smith 68

Len Smith 68 - Accounting

Now, one of the Founding Partners at the accounting firm of WithumSmith+Brown, PC, which is the 34th largest CPA firm in the country, Len Smith was inspired by his Keystone College professors to go into the accounting profession.

David Jones 72

David Jones 72 - Liberal Arts

Currently serving as an Associate Professor in Recreation and Leisure Studies at the University of Southern Maine, David Jones fondly remembers how his Keystone College Professors created a challenging learning environment.

Peter Rossi 72

Peter Rossi 72 - Liberal Arts

Attorney Peter Rossi, who admits Keystone College changed his life, is currently a shareholder in a large Philadelphia law firm.

Alice Davis 80

Alice Davis 80 - Liberal Arts

Alice Davis is a Keystone College graduate of the Weekender program. She is currently the Administrative and Guidance Director for the Susquehanna County Career & Technology Center. Her passion is making a difference in the lives of high school students and other adult learners.

Ben Eynon 84

Ben Eynon 84 - Associates Degree in Engineering

The education and training Ben received at Keystone (Junior) College prepared him for the rigors of the Microelectronic Engineering degree that he pursued at the Rochester Institute of Technology immediately following Keystone.

Mikal E. Belicove 86

Mikal E. Belicove 86 - Hotel & Restaurant Management

I now live and work in Las Vegas. I am an Entrepreneur Magazine columnist and contributing writer; a Forbes Magazine contributing blogger; a member of Keystone's Board of Trustees; and, I'm starting to work on my fourth book.


Aldric Saucier 98

Aldric Saucier 98 - Art

Toy inventor and video game designer.

Scott Gower 06

Scott Gower 06 - Sport and Recreation Management

A former member of the Keystone Giants men's tennis team, Scott Gower is now the Athletic Director for Scranton Preparatory School.

Shane McGuire, CPA 07

Shane McGuire, CPA 07 - Accounting

If life throws a road block at you, don’t give up. Continue to work at, and you will be successful.

Stephanie Sargent 08

Stephanie Sargent 08 - Natural Science: Concentration in Forensic Biology

Her goal is to develop a Lithium Battery that will advance the automobile technology of today