Our Phonathon program is an important part of the success of the Annual Fund.  Many Colleges use professional telemarketing firms to generate support for their annual funds, but we have found that no one can express the hopes and dreams we share for KC better than our own students.  When you receive a call from the KC Annual Fund, there is a true Keystone College student on the end of that line.

What is Phonathon?

Phonathon is a program run by the Annual Fund Office.  We hire several students and train them to call alumni, parents, and friends of the College in order to build relationships and also raise money for Keystone.  The Phonathon starts in September and runs for most of the academic year.

Why do people give to Keystone?

Alumni, parents, and friends of Keystone College donate to help current students; to be a part of a worthy mission, to give something back, and to express their appreciation of and care for the community.

Why do students work for Phonathon?

Students work for the Phonathon because they love Keystone College and want to help it grow.  They also realize that helping Keystone is also a way of helping themselves.  The money raised is spent on everything important to students and to Keystone - great professors, diverse social and cultural events, student scholarships, research, on and off-campus study opportunities, and of course financial aid.

Working the Phonathon gives students a chance to give something back to Keystone in a very tangible way, and to know that they are making a huge difference.  It also lets them talk with over 50 years worth of Keystone alumni, giving them a chance to learn about our school's past, hear first-hand accounts of stories they never believed were true, and maybe even network their way into an internship or job after graduation.