Mini Grant Program

In 2010, the Keystone College Alumni Association took a significant step in enhancing opportunities for students and faculty members seeking opportunities to fund projects outside the confines of the College budget or other internal funding sources. In the spirit of inspiring innovative projects, which in turn support the College and general community, funding in the amount of $500 per grant is available on a basis of available funding received by the Alumni Association though supported programs and activities.

Who we Fund: 
All faculty, students, clubs and associations which are members of the Keystone College community are eligible for funding. Applications must be endorsed by a department head or facility advisor.  Only one application per person/club/association will be accepted for review annually.

What we Fund: 
All funding awards will be directed to programs conducted under the auspices of Keystone College. It is the intent of Alumni Association to fund projects that can have significant impact on the greatest number of  the Community and are consistent with KC mission and vision to serve the students, faculty, and Keystone community wherever possible.

Projects should demonstrate a commitment to:

Grants are not awarded for the following:

Timeline and Deadlines:
Applications Due: April 15
Announcement of Awards: By May 31
Funding awarded: June 1
Outcome reports due: April 30

Award Decisions:
Award decisions will be made by the Alumni Association Board of Directors at their May meeting.

Reporting Requirements:
Grants will be awarded for a period of one (1) year beginning June, 1 and ending May 31. Final evaluation and fiscal reports due by April 30 (Final Report).

Final Reporting:
Upon completion of the project or by April 30, a final report is required to document the outcomes or progress of the funded project. The final report should contain: A statement of the project’s principal objectives; Discussion of the outcomes, findings or progress in the project; Fiscal report on how the grant funds were utilized; Name of the primary contend and other key people involved in the project. 

All unexpended funds must be returned to the KCNAA at the end of the grant period.

Apply for a Mini Grant

The Mini Grant Program is supported by proceeds generated from several affinity partnerships including:

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