Alumni Association

The Alumni Association helps Keystone's more than 16,000 alumni stay in touch with each other and the College. It offers opportunities for Keystone alumni to maintain strong bonds with their alma mater and with each other. Members include alumni of:

The Alumni Association exists to foster loyalty and unity of its members for the College and support the College's mission and priorities. The Association is a mechanism for the exchange of ideas among alumni and acts as an official channel of communication between the alumni and the College. The Association nurtures lifelong relationships with and among current and future Keystone College alumni.

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Alumni Association Programs

The Keystone College Alumni Association supports programs that impact students and the campus community.

Alumni Association Scholarship Mini Grant Program

This Donor Endowed Scholarship was established by the Keystone College Alumni Association to be awarded annually to eligible traditional and Weekender students.

The Alumni Association Mini Grant Program provides funding to student organizations or faculty-led initiatives for innovative projects that support Keystone students and the campus community.