College Credit for Military Experience

Transfer Credits
Your military service has likely earned you college credit.  Keystone College awards credit toward a degree based on training and coursework.  Keystone College evaluates your military experience for transfer credits.

Basic Training Credits
All service members who have successfully completed Basic Training are eligible to receive 2 credits for PHED 105.  To receive credit, please forward a copy of your DD-214 to the Registrar's Office.

Request a Transcript
The first step to having your other experience evaluated for transfer credit is to request a transcript from your military service. Each service will provide unofficial personal copies and send schools an official copy of your transcript at no charge.

The Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Coast Guard now use the Joint Services Transcript (JST) for recording your military education and experience credits:

Credits accepted through these programs are transfer credits and are included in determining the allowable transfer credits to be used for each degree type.  For an associate degree, a maximum of 32 transfer credits may be accepted.  For a bachelor's degree, a maximum of 75 transfer credits may be accepted.

Questions regarding college credit for military experience should be addressed to Kate Owens, Registrar at (570) 945-8224.