Undergraduate Research

faculty and student doing scientific research
The excitement of undergraduate research and the process of discovery enrich the learning process and create positive attributes which will last a lifetime.

They develop strong critical thinking skills and build strong academic credentials which will serve them well when applying for employment or graduate schools. Since all research is faculty-mentored, students have opportunities to develop one-on-one working relationships with their professors and foster important links as they move forward in their careers.

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Studies of a New Antibiotic and a Crime Scene Investigation

Steven Verespy, a biology student, conducted a groundbreaking study of alternative ways to develop and understand new drugs, as well as modify the ones that currently exist.

Also presenting, Kayleigh Delfino whose interest in Crime Scene Investigation and Chemistry led her to look at the effects that decomposition has on soil and how this might affect the investigation of a crime scene.

Research is NOT just for Science Majors


Keith Garubba, Visual Arts major, presented his study of Screening Enamels on Glass and exhibited some of his creative projects containing imagery similar to stained-glass windows. Keith received a research grant that provided him with the funds to purchase the materials needed to create these works of art.

Our Mission Statement

Keystone College will strive to engage and energize both faculty and students by modeling and mentoring students in the process of discovery and expanding the knowledge and expertise needed in their chosen field through the undergraduate research experience.

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