Grants & Applications

The purpose of the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program and the Undergraduate Research Fellowship is to provide an opportunity for undergraduate students to participate in faculty-mentored research during the academic year and in the summer. These programs are designed to provide funding for a variety of research projects or creative activities.

Grant Amount Semester Deadline Application
Undergraduate Research Opportunity $500 Fall Semester October 15th Submit Application (PDF)
Undergraduate Research Opportunity $1500 Summer December 15th Submit Application (PDF)
Faculty Undergraduate Research Fellowship $1500   December 15th Submit Application (PDF)


The funds can be utilized for a variety of purposes that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Supplies to perform the proposed project
       UROP - 75% of the funds must be used for supply purchase
       SURF - 100% of the funds may be used for supply purchase
  2. Personal stipend for time spent on the project
       UROP grants - only 25% of the funds can be utilized for personal stipends
       SURF grants - 100% of the funds can be utilized for personal stipends
  3. Travel - although this is limited in scope to travel that is essential to either complete the project (student needs to utilize a piece of equipment that Keystone does not possess but can be found at another college) or to present research findings or creative work at a regional or national forum. Travel expenses must be reasonable (There is an NMR in Wilkes Barre and one in London and the student chooses to go to London. This would not be considered a reasonable travel expense.
  4. Research expenses like interlibrary loan fees, photocopy or printing fees, fees associated with use or access to a particular website or program, or subscription fees may be included as long as they are an integral component of the research project. A subscription to play the online game World of Warcraft would not be considered a research expense under most conditions.

The student and the faculty mentor must agree to the following terms:

  1. Projects will be completed within the time frame presented by the student researcher. If projects are not completed on time, some or all of the research funds may be forfeit and/or may need to be paid back.
  2. Students and faculty mentors agree to participate in the Spring Undergraduate Research Celebration by presenting their work.
  3. Students and faculty mentors agree to provide a final written report to the Office of Undergraduate Research on the project showing how each component of the proposal has been met. This report is due no more than 2 weeks after the completion date of the project.
  4. For stipend monies to be dispersed, a detailed, signed (by the faculty mentor) time sheet must be provided to the Office of Undergraduate Research. For budget expenses, funds may be available at the beginning of the project if they are required to purchase supplies for the project. Detailed accounting (receipts, etc.) for purchased supplies must be provided in the final report.